Let’s Build a Legacy, 

Generational conditioning is one of the most pressing issues facing women of color today. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We want to turn generational INDOCTRINATION into generational WEALTH, which is the most crucial step we can take as women, mothers, and proud leaders of the next generation. 


Want a proven framework for breaking into Real Estate investing that will give you the tools, the network, the strategy and the plan for you to start taking action towards your financial goals.



 that you have been interested in learning how you can incorporate real estate investing so you could start making money for you and your family.

that you are overwhelmed with trying to figure out how to create wealth for your family and your retirement.


that you are frustrated by living paycheck to paycheck with feeling like there is no way out.



that you are hesitant because you are not sure where to start. With all the information you find online, you are left feeling like investing is going to take more time and more money than you have to offer.
So, you stop pursuing it

Yess! This is me!

YOu're not alone and most importantly you are in the right place

Ready to Make it Happen?

No matter where you are in your life, I want to give you the coaching you need to build the financial freedom you’ve been dreaming of. Gone are the days of watching other people build wealth, while you just sit hopeless on the sidelines. No more, lady. Ready to take a chance on yourself and finally make it happen? If you’re willing to work hard, make some sacrifices, and take accountability for your choices and your future, I’m ready to help you do it.


Yess! I'm REady!


Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls

Monthly Expert Speakers

1:1 Coaching and Support

Investor Circle Community

Course Material & Workbooks

Private Podcast Channel

i can help because i've been there

but nowI know how to help!

Five years ago, I was broke and broken and tired and overwhelmed.

In between running a business and trying to figure whats next...being overwhelmed with constantly not having a true hold on my finances, not having a plan to grow my money and living pay check to pay check I went in to a deep transition.

Putting together a plan to manage my finances and really build a business that pays in residual income versus working harder and not smarter.


what you get

Build your know- how with real estate education

The Road to Real Estate Investing curriculum was build to address burning questions about investing in Real Estate, outline action steps and put together an effective business plan to invest. 

working directly one-on-one

You will work one-on-one with Jasmine to fine tune your investing plan and get to goal of buying a rental property

Investor Circle private Community 

Staying accountable to your goals is one of the toughest obstacles we face when stretching ourselves. Accountability is apart of the Cohort community with continued support.

What is included in this program

Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls

You will get the opportunity to ask questions about the curriculum, how to apply what you have learned and even ask about your specific plan.

Monthly guest experts

Join our LIVE Guest speakers sessions where they share their experiences and their coaching advice when it comes to real estate investing. Image having all the experts in your corner.

Deal finding sessions

Opportunity for you to source deals with Jasmine so you can get the actual experience you need to do this for your plan.

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The results


Replace your 9-5 income building a rental portfolio.

Filter the information you are getting on real estate investing to action steps that you can implement.

Create a tribe of investors on their journey who you can lean on for questions and accountability

Kick the thought that "you can't do it", "It's Too hardto start","don't have enough money"

build out an investment plan that will help you suceed on your income and investment goals

join us noW!

- kenya

“Honestly, this program changed my business forever and enriched my whole dang life.”

Student testimonial


Saying “God is Good isn’t Enough”…

Buying my daughter’s first investment property was a remarkable accomplishment I could never have imagined five years prior – let alone the impact it’d make. With her school’s permission, I supervised her senior project and even helped another student along the way. Both girls interned at my company and earned credits towards their diplomas.


are we 

Changing your life is hard, and letting go of negative old habits can be painful. But the good news is that you’re NOT alone, and I’m ready to walk this road with you. As you partner in helping you achieve your goals, I’m ready to do what it takes to make your real estate investing dreams come true. You’ll be surprised at what you’re capable of…

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