Ensure Your Financial Legacy Stays in the Family: How To Teach Your Kids About Money

financial legacy
I'm Jasmine

I have created a blog that is mostly about being a single-mom real estate investor but also about how to transform your finances with simple action steps.

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Welcome to the Women, Wealth, Impact Podcast and Girlfriend’s Guide to Financial Freedom, Home Ownership and Investing. Does this sound too good to be true? I’m right here as proof that it’s possible. Just a few years ago, I was a single mom living paycheck to paycheck, desperately trying to keep it all together. After learning more about money planning, I saw the amazing potential in my finances and I’ve never looked back. I’ve seen far too many women battling to build a legacy that they can be proud of. And it all comes down to getting your personal finances in check. But for that, you need a growth strategy, which begins with understanding what’s stunting your financial progression. We’ll cover how to start from scratch, and what it takes to get your finances in alignment with your goals. I’m proud of you for taking the initiative to listen. This is going to be your first step. Welcome to the green community. Let’s get started.

At this point, you might be wondering who I am to be dispensing financial advice to you through your headphones. So I thought for this episode, I’d share a bit more about myself, and the reasons I do what I do- my kids.

financial legacy

Nice to Meet You

I’m a proud mother of 2, and I raised them mostly myself after their father died unexpectedly. My oldest daughter came as a surprise when I was still in college, and when I had her I was so young and had no idea about finances or money mindsets. I accumulated a mountain of debt and had to start from scratch.

Not even scratch. Negative scratch. I was doing anything and everything just to get by. Thank god I had invested in my first duplex and was able to rent that out and supplement with temporary gigs and unemployment. I share this with all of you not, for pity- I’m doing just fine now thanks- but to show you that you’re never too far gone to start getting ahead. If I can do it, so can you.


Sometimes You Just Have to Start: The Bottomline

When I first started investing in properties I was a young single mom. I had no idea what I was doing, but I learned by just doing it anyway. I remembered my goals and more than that, I remembered the financial legacy I wanted to leave for my kids. A legacy not just of money, but of stability, and the knowledge on how to keep and grow that financial foundation. 

When my daughter asked me for a luxury car, I instead got her a house to flip. Trial by fire, am I right? But with me here to guide her, she’ll learn the basics of buying, fixing, selling, and ultimately putting that money back into a rental property. The lessons she’s learning right now are priceless, and I’m able to guide her so she doesn’t make the same mistakes I did when I was learning.

That’s what I want for you too, and it’s why I designed my courses and support groups. I want you to have the launch point that I never had, and be able to grow your financial legacy sooner and better than I was back in the day.

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Let’s do this. 

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