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How Our Rental Properties Pay for My Daughter’s College Education

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It has been so long since I have gone live on Instagram. I barely get time to chat, thanks to my flourishing real estate business. It all used to be a dream at one time. I didn’t start from here. Instead, it started from taking loans to pay for the tuition fees. But now, I am using all my rental properties to pay for my daughter’s college fees, without even taking loans from anywhere. 


My life was never filled with unicorns and butterflies from the beginning. Neither my daughter was born with a golden spoon. She was diagnosed with dyslexia when she was just 8 years old. She was in a private school and just in third grade. The challenges in her life started from there. You might be aware that Philidalphea’s private schools do not pay any heed to the special child, even for the extra classes. Therefore, I had a double financial responsibility. I was paying her school fees and therapy fees simultaneously. I went to the attorney to fight for the rights of my child, where I was suggested to move to a different place. My daughter finally had a better school with a better learning environment. But this is not as easy as it sounds. I had to sacrifice a lot to get her through that phase. It was not at all easy for me. But now, things have changed. All I use now are my rental properties to pay for her college fees. Moreover, my daughter has also taken an LLC in which, if she will have to open up a business, she will get a lot of benefits. The goal we have eventually set up is to pay for her fees through our rental properties. Moreover, if her business needs any financial aid, her business will take loans. This way, all her personal properties will be saved. 

Mixed emotions 

I am overjoyed and extremely emotional today. My daughter has finally graduated from college with flying colors and now, she is planning to open up her own business. It all used to seem impossible at one point. I still haven’t had the time to cry yet, but I am filled with mixed emotions. When you sacrifice a lot for the future of your child and finally, your hard work pays off, it is the best feeling in the world. As I said before, it was not a piece of cake for me. But somewhere deep down, I knew I could make it. After a lot of struggle, today, I have barely any time to enjoy the graduation of my child. Additionally, the coronavirus has worsened the situation. But still, we are very blessed and we are grateful for everything we have. Even if she will have to take a business loan at any point, it will always be at a lower interest rate since it is a business loan. Moreover, her educational expenses will also be against her company, which is a real thing. But my decision-making power and yearn for exploring new ideas never stopped there. We still used to think about how we can use the loans for flourishing the business. And how it will give us the long-term benefit. 

Bottom line 

After a lot of struggle and years of crying, the bottom line is, my daughter made it. Even her dyslexia could not stop her from growing and achieving something big. That was her motivation and courage that passed her through all the tough phases of life. All types of financial troubles happened to us. But we never gave up. The problems in our lives started when I became a single mother. My village supported me a lot to get through that phase, but there were countless rough nights. Fortunately,  things have changed now. The glass of wine I first used to take to forget my miseries is now held up to enjoy the celebrations. 

Ongoing struggles 

Even after all the success and achievements, there are still a lot of days when I feel blue or I feel I could not do anything. Sometimes, there is a lot of work to do and I face a lot of difficulty in handling the situations. But we always have everything to look forward to today. My daughter is currently trying to get a beautiful house. We both are very excited about it. Moreover, the fact that her loans will always be in the name of her company has released half of my stress. I have a lot of things to look forward to today and all my major tensions have gone. Despite all the challenges in life today and all the stress of work, I do not have any financial stress or financial tensions. This mental relief helps me a lot in growing my business and the free mental state of my mind helps me to think out of the box. 

Life is fair because it is unfair to everyone. But it does give each person a lot of opportunities to grow. Despite all the financial challenges in my life, I have never looked down upon any opportunity and have always used my mind out of the box to utilize that opportunity effectively. Today also, I never stop thinking about how to grow our finances or business. There are a lot of strategies I have planned for this too. The first thing I want to make sure of is my daughter does not have any student loans. Secondly, we are soon going to finish her renovation process and flip that money.  If she wants any kind of support in her business, I am always there for her. It is so important to give our kids a head start so that they can climb up the ladder full of motivation and support. The rest of the life decisions of my daughter are up to her. If she wants to stay with me, she is most welcome. If not, she is free to choose her path.

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